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‘Four Signature Products from Budding Phuket Chef’s’


Rooting Local has teamed up with Chef Jimmy (Pru), Chef Noi (Suay), Chef Kla (Seafood), Chef Rick (Jampa), to create a unique set of delicious sauces and spreads, inspired by a passion to elevate local ingredients to a new level.


The idea is simple, each recipe is using ingredients grown in Phuket, be sustainable, organic and support the local community.


The "Flavors of Phuket" contains:


1. Signature Phad Thai Sauce with Taling Pling

    (Chef Noi, Suay Restaurant)


Chef Noi's famous Phad Thai sauce. Naturally sour from Taling Pling (bilimbi fruit), salty and with a slightly sweet tang, it’s a treat for taste buds!


2. Phuket Pineapple & Thai Basil Chutney

    (Chef Jimmy, Pru Restaurant)


Phuket pineapples unique taste and texture, that hovers between sweet and sour is transformed into a well-balanced chutney and combined with the slightly spicy, licorice-like flavor of the Thai basil. 


3. Secret Dalha Sauce

    (Chef Kla, Seafood Restaurant)


A combination of salty, sweet, spicy and sour, enriched by the crisp aromatic flavor of fresh ginger torch flowers. One of four signature sauces from Chef Kla’s Michelin Awarded, Seafood at Trisara.


4. Zero Waste Garden Pesto

    (Chef Rick, Jampa Restaurant)


Using all the leaves and stems of our garden herbs that did not make it into the kitchen, our Zero Waste pesto makes pretty much everything taste better. It is fresh and flavorful, and a perfect addition to a bowl of homemade pastas, on top of scrambled eggs or just coating sauteed vegetables.

Flavors of Phuket

  • 180 gm per unit