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With R O O T I N G  L O C A L our aim is to help the small suppliers in our community, who fish, raise or grow sustainably, and have provided our outlets, including our Michelin Starred restaurant PRU with the best Thailand has to offer.



Located 10 minutes away from our flagship resort in Phuket, Trisara, Pru Jampa farm has been supplying our Michelin starred restaurant PRU for over 4 years, as well as our Michelin Plate restaurant, Seafood at Trisara.

All the vegetables, fruits and herbs grown there are non toxic, and most of our waste is turned into compost, therefore completing the perfect cycle.


For years, we have worked with the small suppliers from the Saphan Kojan (Kojan bridge) market, where our chefs wait daily to see the fishermen offload today's catch, and select the freshest fish and shellfish.



We work with some of the best producers in the country, sourcing our beef from best beef country in Nakhon Panhom. They have worked very hard for 15 years to be able to have truly full blood Thai wagyu beef.


Our ducks freely roam the hills of Petchabun, and are raised by our long time partner 'Klong Pai' farm by caring farmers under strict observance of international procedures.


The ducks are guarantee without hormones, antibiotics and only natural fed. 

Klong Phai Farm.jpg


Sloans pork comes from Thailand’s best high welfare farms. All the farms we work with are either free-range or permaculture farm, all offering a good life for the pigs.


We focus on ethical farming practices and the farms have shaded areas for the animals to escape the Thai heat during the day. We avoid to use any antibiotics unless strictly necessary. Although we want to make sure our pigs have the best life, we also believe a happy pig makes the best pork.


For the last 15 years, we have worked closely with Phuket's local markets, and have created a network of trustable partners. we always ensure that all the produces we select from the local markets are toxin free and grown in a sustainable way.



Uncle Kamnerd & Aunt Pim have been growing organic produce on their family run farm at Baan Porn Village, for 20 years.


Jah Araya’s farm has free roaming, organic chickens. She believes happy chickens taste better which is why she feeds her chickens organic feed and lets them roam in a large open field.



Jae Weaw, the fruit specialist. The sweet and sour taste of her pomegranates from Samut Sakorn, green apples from Ratchaburi and mangoes from Sa Keaw. We love working with Jae Weaw because if the produce is ‘not good enough for her it’s not good enough for us’.


Bung mood, otherwise known as the coconut king. His relatives have a small coconut farm at Natai, Pang Nang province. We have tried coconuts from many farms but they never compete with the sweet and earthy flavor from Khun Moods farm!

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